Casting Call

Okay, let's try this again... here's the faces I see when I write Bats.   You can also take a gander at the original call to see how things have changed since I started up a couple of years back... this list starts out with the big two (Tim and Alfred) and then encompasses characters as I was able to think of someone to play them.  That may not be the best way to order them, but hey!  Such is life, am I right?
Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Tim Drake/Batman

Tim Drake II/Batman
Mark-Paul Gosselaar

As seen in "Dead Man on Campus," Mark-Paul here has all the qualities required to play our man-about-town, Tim Drake.

Jude Law as Alfred

Jude Law

"Gattaca" proved to me that there was someone capable of portraying both Alfred and his robotic body; Jude be that man.

Bruce Campbell as Clark Kent

Clark Kent
Bruce Campbell

He's the choice of many to be Superman, and he's mine as well.  Just, ah, lose the facial hair... maybe comb the hair.   Yeah.

Morgan Freeman as Ennis Hobbs

Ennis Hobbs
Morgan Freeman

I never had another choice for Ennis; Mr. Freeman's always been perfect for the part.

Keri Russell as Donna Olsen

Donna Olsen
Keri Russell

It occurred to me not too long after my original casting call that Donna's supposed to be a bit younger than Tim.  Oops.   Recast.  Keri here works just as well, doesn't she?

Sam Shepard as Comm.  Mark Grayson

Commissioner Mark Grayson
Sam Shepard

Even though he's now deceased, Mark Grayson was an important part of the Bat-Cast.  Shepard has this part tattooed on his forehead.

Chazz Palminteri as Comm. Jon Isaacs

Commissioner Jon Isaacs
Chazz Palminteri

He just has the right type of demeanor for this former detective and current commissioner.  I don't know why or how, he just does.

Shannon Mitchells


Matt Dillon as Michael Carter

Michael "Booster" Carter
Matt Dillon

And he can even be funny.

Det. Kylie Roarke


Matthew Perry as Mike Roarke

Mike Roarke
Matthew Perry

He's got an easygoing charm and a good wit.   Shame Mike's gotta die, but hey.

Patty Hollander


Tim Roth as Grover Bowles

Grover Bowles
Tim Roth

Roth can turn on that "sleazy" kinda charm... that's what Grover needs, folks.

Janeane Garofalo as Melissa Bloom

Melissa Bloom
Janeane Garofalo

Melissa's an acerbic disc jockey and the antiheroine type.  She's got a quick wit, too... I hope creator Daniel Ben-Zvi digs this call.

Det. Paul Chandler


Jason Patric as Det. Jon Chandler

Det. Jon Chandler
Jason Patric

Not technically my character (see the estranged Tony Wilson, people) but he is Paul's cousin - and even showed up in the book once.

Billy Crudup as Marc Chandler

Marc Chandler
Billy Crudup

The only time Marc (aka Nightwing of the Wilson clan) showed up on page with Batman was in the miniseries they costarred in... but I cast two other Chandlers, so why not just one more?  (Don't hate me, Pimp Daddy!)

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Xanadu

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Created by Tommy Hancock, Xanadu was one of Tim's teachers and a big player in the aforementioned Bats/Nightwing miniseries and the Brave & The Bold story co-starring Batman and Deadman.  Catherine Zeta-Jones (who I earlier cast erroneously as Star) fits the look of the character, at least in my mind.   Who knows what Tom thinks of...

Hallow's Jack

We just needed a voice, here... and this guy has the voice, people.

Edward Burns as Mercury

Edward Burns

Mercury can't talk, so Ed's voice can't get in the way... and this here pic (which I'm assuming is from Saving Pvt. Ryan) is just what I've come to think of Mercury looking like.  Let's hope creator Jason Tippitt approves.

Captain Atom


Mel Gibson as Guy Gardner/Warrior

Guy Gardner
Mel Gibson

He just looks right for the part.

Eve Tresser/Nemesis


Ralph Fiennes as Liam Concord/Sandman

Liam Concord/Sandman
Ralph Fiennes

I've always thought that Gotham's other vigilante (as created and written by Bryan Hall) would be excellently portrayed by Ralph Fiennes, who just... looks like the character would.  Phooey on him being too old, but in this case, I'm letting it slide.  Sandman's just going to have to age.

Wesley Snipes as Mr. October

Mr. October
Wesley Snipes

This very powerful leaguer that shadowed Tim at the beginning of his career will be back very soon.  Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is not yet determined.

John Larroquette as Justice

John Larroquette

Pulling a Darth here and just using the vocal talents of Mr. L here (and boy howdy, does he have 'em.)  Some big guy in a suit can do the rest.

Alucard Holmes


Jenna Holloway


Kenneth Branagh as Bradley Carrington/The Penguin

Bradley Carrington/The Penguin
Kenneth Branagh

I had originally intended for the Penguin to be a little bit bigger, but the way he ended up being written suggested something far different, hence Mr. Branagh.

Halle Berry as Maria/Batgirl

Halle Berry

Halle Berry was pretty much my inspiration for the look of Batgirl from day one... hard to suppress that now.

Steve Martin as Mr. Mxyzptlk

Mr. Mxyzptlk
Steve Martin

The innocent face, the snow-white hair, the condescending and flattering tone... this wild and crazy guy is my choice for Mxy, bar none.

Mira Sorvino as Tuesday

Mira Sorvino

This Oscar winner can play over-the-top and serious.  Druglord Tuesday's a perfect part for her.

Laurence Fishburne as Brereton

Laurence Fishburne

It's a shame that Brereton doesn't speak; Fishburne is a great actor.  He's also as imposing as Tuesday's bodyguard needs to be.

Denzel Washington as The Vigilante

Denzel Washington

Another change from the original call!   All things considered, as soon as I started writing the character, I knew he had to have more dramatic weight behind him... and Denzel brings a lot of weight.  A whole lot.

James Woods as Laufeyson

James Woods

This trickster - who knows more than he should - was tailor made for James Woods, also the inspiration for said character.

Tino Merani/Clayface

This thorn in Tim's side has been hidden for a while... currently, he's usurped the persona of Angel Tuscotti and has been doing everything short of direct confrontation to get the Batman out of his town.

Al Pacino as Angel Tuscotti

Angel Tuscotti
Al Pacino

Fiery and temperamental, the now-deceased crimelord saw everything coming... except his end at the hands of Clayface.  Still, his earlier rantings could only have been pulled off by Pacino, a master of that craft.

John Malkovitch as Jeremy Wight/The Joker Killer

Dr. Jeremy Wight/The Joker Killer
John Malkovitch

This guy has been DEMANDED (literally) by fans.  It's just a casting call, I sez.  We don't care they sez back.  We don't care and we wanna see him on the page anyways, they continue to sez.  So voila; John Malkovich is Jeremy Wight.

Tom Waits as Maxie Swann

Maxie Swann
Tom Waits

This first magistrate of the Kangaroo Court would be deliciously over-the-top-yet-low-key-at-the-same-time with singer/actor Tom Waits in the role... 'sides, Tom's too cool not to cast!


The current magistrate of the Kangaroo Court, with an unhealthy mad-on for Tim Drake, would be played by

Staci Miller/Cat-Woman

She's a former secretary who's now a felinthrope! (I hope that's right!)

Aidan Quinn as Ashley Braye/Dark

Ashley Braye/Dark
Aidan Quinn

The partner of Jonathan Weiss (who also went nuts) Ashley Braye now resides in the collective subconscious of the human mind.  Who knows what he could get up to in there...

Caleb Marion

An ex-Time Cop who's also an A-1 nut... boy, if he ever gets back onto the Force, the DCF is in trouble!

Geoffrey Rush as Dr. Tippitt

Dr. Tippitt
Geoffrey Rush

Who else could play this madman, I ask you?   WHO?  Well, besides Tipp himself, that is...

Watch for more casting if the book gets any more cool characters!