Erik's Infinity Inc: DCF Casting Call

Mark Paul Gosselaar as Tim Drake II/Batman

Tim Drake would be best served by Mark-Paul Gosselaar, of Dead Man on Campus fame.
Dean Cain as Oliver Kismet Hawke/Dragon Dragon
Okay, a good archer needs arms like oak trees.  And Ollie here's got a rather... exotic look and quiet manner...  So Jason Alexander's out.  The problem is, my choice has kinda been a real DC hero.  And Tipp may kill me for it... but Dean Cain's the call I make.
Pierce Brosnan as Jonathan Bolander/Hourman Hourman
Originally I had thought of a far different actor (Matthew Modine) as Hourman.   Pierce, though... Pierce came to mind immediately after seeing the Thomas Crown Affair.  It casts him in a bit of a different light than the Bond films do, and he's got the charm needed.
Holly Hunter as Helena Shaw/Manhunter Manhunter
Holly Hunter is the one I see, with a rough-and-tumble attitude and easy southern accent (maybe that's 'cause she's from the south?)
Ben Stiller as Danny Parker/Plastic Man Plastic Man
The more I try to think of Plas as a young man, the tougher it is and the more his attitude and general demeanor resembles the kind of guy Ben Stiller's so good at.
Catherine Zeta-Jones as Alisha Michaels/Star Star
Hey, Alisha's powers enhance her beauty, sure - but she's a knockout anyway -- so is the feisty Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Mmm.
Mel Gibson as Guy Gardner/Warrior Warrior
And... for Warrior... Mel Gibson.  Why Mel?  Why not?  He can be crazy, he can be fun, he can be conversational, he's old enough, he's... Guy.

More to come as the cast grows and the villains show up! (;