• Heritage
    Collecting issues 1-3 of Batman: DCF, this TPB tells the story of Timothy Drake II and how he came to be the Batman of the future.  It also introduces Alfred, a DCF fan-favorite character. Introduction by Jason Tippitt.
  • Joker's Wild
    Collecting issues 4-9 of Batman: DCF, this TPB introduces not only the mad Dr. Jeremy Wight - aka the Joker Killer, but also brings time traveller Booster Gold to the Bat-Cast.  Introduction by Mark "Keravin" Peyton.
  • The Return
    Collecting issues 10-13 of Batman: DCF, this TPB gives Tim Drake the ultimate mentor: Clark Kent. Introduction by Bruce Bachand.
  • Stop Me If You've Heard This One
    Collecting issues 14-17 of Batman: DCF, this TPB chronicles the return of Jeremy Wight -- and he's more powerful than he was before.  In fact, he's got telepathic abilities that are causing a great stir in Gotham.  How can the relatively inexperienced Batman take down such a villain?  Find out.  Introduction by D. David Lee.
  • TimeQuake
    Collecting issues 35-36 of Batman: DCF, this TPB throws Bruce Wayne into the DCF -- and Tim Drake into the present!  See our heroes as fish out of water, and find out how they react to their new times!  Introduction by Alex Cook.

Single Issues


The DCFutures FanFiction group recognizes that Batman, Superman, Gotham City, and assorted other concepts are the property of DC Comics.    They are used WITHOUT PERMISSION for NO PROFIT, merely a desire to peer into the future of characters we dig so much.  All stories are original, as are most of the concepts found within -- they belong solely to the author.  So there.