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Just our star to start, but this to will grow -- with cast bios and facts on the future Gotham City!


Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Tim Drake/Batman

Batman DCF

Alter Ego: Timothy Patrick Drake II
Black hair, mole on neck, 6'2, 200 lbs, tattoo of broken heart under left clavicle, right handed.
Powers: He DOES have some! Think Captain America. They were implanted to speed Tim on his way. He's better at everything - but not so much that you'd catch it as a meta trait.  He can bench close to half a ton if he put his back into it.  And he's wicked smaht -- ah, genetics.
Characteristics: Temperamental. He uses humor to shield himself from anger and sadness. Somewhat of a womanizer.  Severe rage, however, sets in on the subject of rape... it's one of the few things that Tim can't shrug off.  Tim fluently speaks Italian and sign language.  (His mother was both and he loved her dearly.)
Costume: Black. Similar to the original Batman's, save for a face mask beneath the cowl and a large red bat shield on his chest.