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  • Heritage
    Collecting issues 1-3 of Batman: DCF, this TPB tells the story of Timothy Drake II and how he came to be the Batman of the future.  It also introduces Alfred, a DCF fan-favorite character. Introduction by Jason Tippitt.
  • Joker's Wild
    Collecting issues 4-9 of Batman: DCF, this TPB introduces not only the mad Dr. Jeremy Wight - aka the Joker Killer, but also brings time traveller Booster Gold to the Bat-Cast.  Introduction by Mark "Keravin" Peyton.
  • The Return
    Collecting issues 10-13 of Batman: DCF, this TPB gives Tim Drake the ultimate mentor: Clark Kent. Introduction by Bruce Bachand.
  • Stop Me If You've Heard This One
    Collecting issues 14-17 of Batman: DCF, this TPB chronicles the return of Jeremy Wight -- and he's more powerful than he was before.  In fact, he's got telepathic abilities that are causing a great stir in Gotham.  How can the relatively inexperienced Batman take down such a villain?  Find out.  Introduction by D. David Lee.
  • TimeQuake
    Collecting issues 35-36 of Batman: DCF, this TPB throws Bruce Wayne into the DCF -- and Tim Drake into the present!  See our heroes as fish out of water, and find out how they react to their new times!  Introduction by Alex Cook

Guest Appearances

  • The Doom Patrol
    Codex of the Doom Patrol has this aversion to someone going around pretending to be the Batman... and he's gonna make sure the mockery stops. by Ed "I am the LEMUR" Burke
    Issue #6: "The Long Dark Night"
  • HellBlazer
    A new Batman and an old Superman playing poker with John Constantine... sheesh. by D. David Lee
    Issue #8: "Poker Night"


  • The Mercy Seat
    A gruesome murder that a child may have to relive unless... try this killer noir by Jason "Vachss" Tippitt
  • She is Shiva
    In San Francisco there lives the inheritor to the name of Shiva.  You don't want to mess with her, but some people just can't take good advice.  Like Zorro. by Nick "The Disappearing Englishman" Bryan
  • The Clash
    Tim Drake is the Batman, and new at his role.  Sarah Challa is Lady Shiva, confident and deadly.  When she hits Gotham -- will Tim escape a whuppin'? by Nick "I'm Not Here" Bryan
  • Spandex Spotlight: Batman
    Holonovelist Geraldo Chung is investigating Gotham -- and before he's done, he may just have the answer to the question: who is Batman?  by D. David "I Luau" Lee
  • Yesterday's Crimes
    An adventure with former GCPD Commissioner Mark Grayson by Jessie "Stormangel" Davis

Regular Series

  • Batman: DCF #18: Squad Run (part 1 of 4)
    Featuring the Suicide Squad in a four-part, two-title crossover, the Squad thinks to recruit the Batman!  Part one is told through Tim's perspective.   Continued in Suicide Squad #11.
  • Batman: DCF #19: Squad Run (part 3 of 4)
    Featuring the Suicide Squad in a four-part, two-title crossover, the Squad moves their focus from Batman to... Tim Drake?  Oh, brilliant move.  Concluded in Suicide Squad #12
  • Batman: DCF #20: Crossed Paths
    When Tim was a young man, a Justice Leaguer named Bradley Carrington, aka The Penguin, visited to attempt to recruit Tim into the League's special schools.    He's changed somewhat since then...  Part one of two.
  • Batman: DCF #21: Crossed Paths
    Part two of two, this shows the method of Carrington's madness, as well as why he quit the League... and his partner is revealed as... Batgirl?!?
  • Batman: DCF #24: If You Could Only See
    Shocked by Shannon's secret, Tim goes to see a psychiatrist... Dr. Jeremy Wight, aka the Joker Killer!  Clark and Alfred are on the Road to Metropolis.
  • Batman: DCF #25: Revelations Galore
    Alucard Holmes reveals to Tim the secrets of his origin as the Batman.   Also, contributions by Dan Ben-Zvi, Jason Tippitt, Bryan Hall and Tommy Hancock to back the main story up!
  • Batman: DCF #29: Mercury Blues
    An "And Justice For All" prelude, guest starring Mercury of the Suicide Squad.  Tim has a heart to heart with the speedster in a small bar in Italy just before the Squad decides to attack Alcatraz Island and Justice himself!
  • Batman: DCF #30: Homecoming
    After a severe beating at the hands of Justice and an extensive period of recuperation on Danny the Street, Tim Drake *finally* returns to Gotham City!
  • Batman: DCF #33: Happy New Year
    Guest-starring Sandman!  The Gotham City beat cops have been on strike.  In an effort to sway them back to the force, Tim invites them all to a lavish new year's party... which is unfortunately crashed by the Kangaroo Court!
  • Batman: DCF #38: Scar Tissue
    Tim Drake faces crises both in and out of costume!  Learn more about Ennis Hobbs and watch as the Vigilante finally catches up with the Batman!  It's the battle SOMEONE has to have been waiting for!
  • Batman: DCF #39: Inside Out
    Mr. Mxyzptlk drops in on the Batcave and gives Tim the last present he ever wanted -- three wishes, Mxy style!
  • Batman: DCF #46: Dream Me A Dream
    Tim Drake finds himself back in his subconscious, at the mercy of the dream being Ashley Braye!  There's a mental block in Tim's mind - and Braye admits his curiosity...
  • Batman: DCF #47: Hot Time
    Clark Kent alone faces the spread of the plague known as Firebrand!  Featuring a back up story starring Ashley Braye.


The DCFutures FanFiction group recognizes that Batman, Superman, Gotham City, and assorted other concepts are the property of DC Comics.    They are used WITHOUT PERMISSION for NO PROFIT, merely a desire to peer into the future of characters we dig so much.  All stories are original, as are most of the concept found within -- they belong solely to the author.  So there.